In my fridge…

Normally, my fridge and cupboard contain mostly healthy things…however, here in Portugal, they make this treat called chocolate salami.  No, it does not actually have salami, or any other meat in it.  It just looks like salami because of how they make it.   It’s like fudge with plain cookie mixed in, impossible, really, to describe and even harder to duplicate.  And I am pretty hopeless to resist it, especially if it’s on sale!  So, today, waiting in my fridge, for after the kids are in bed, it a nice big roll of chocolate salami 🙂   Photo on 11-3-15 at 8.32 PM

And bedtime can’t come soon enough!

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I need to do this!

This cute idea just showed up on my newsfeed on Facebook!  This is seriously so adorable! And such a sweet way to preserve little fingerprints in and “acceptable” way (instead of all over the wall! 😉 )

Follow the link to see how it’s done!

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A new leaf…

I love the images that trees bring to mind!  First, obviously, trees are a beautiful marker for the seasons.  In the spring, they are budding with new life, and bright green-ness!  In summer, some trees produce fruit or flowers.  In fall, depending on where you live, trees show the most brilliant, vibrant colors of orange, red, yellow, and everything in between! But in the winter the trees give the appearance of death.  It is this time when the trees rest, and their roots are what sustains them.  We cannot see the roots, but we believe they are there, because when spring arrives again, we see the obvious evidence of new life!

bare-tree-with-roots-mdScripture gives us this example of our lives in Christ, as if we were a carefully planted tree.  The psalmist speaks of a tree, planted by rivers of water, that brings forth fruit, in it’s time. (Psalm 1)  John speaks of Jesus in the image of a vine.  We are grafted in together, to be part of the whole vine of God’s children.  God takes care of the vine, expecting it to produce fruit. (John 15) In Colossians 2, Paul speaks of the life of a believer, being rooted and grounded in Christ and His words, so that no one can take you captive with philosophies and empty deceit.  These are images that we can understand as we observe God’s creation.  They help us to understand how important it is to grow and be nourished by the Word of God, to produce fruit for the glory of God.

But a tree cannot withstand harsh weather, and winter, without strong roots.  Roots are the source of life for the tree.  Our roots, Christ, the Scriptures, sound doctrine, steadfast faith, are our source of life. Our roots give us the sustenance to withstand the harsh realities of the world we live in.  The hold us firmly during the immediate struggles that we face every day, and in the difficult trials that come to us in different season of our lives.

As we head into this winter season of weather, let’s be sure our roots are firmly grounded!  If we purpose to have strong, deep roots, we will be prepared to weather any storm the enemy can throw at us, and when it’s done, bring forth new fruit for the glory of God!

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Meet the Darling’s

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